Maintenance & Hourly

Our Maintenance Pricing

Below you can find our hourly rate and hourly bargain retainer pricing. This is for the projects that are outside of packaged plans and pricing.



We will work on your project on an hourly basis. Hours can be used for:

  • ✔ Content Creation
  • ✔ Website Updates
  • ✔ Custom Graphic Design
  • ✔ SEO Keyword Planning
  • ✔ Analytics, Reporting
  • ✔ Tutorials, Consulting
  • ✔ And Much More



We do the service for you. Let us manage your marketing and web efforts, while you kickback.


You are in good hands with a highly qualified, competent team with proven experience.


When the work is done, know you can call on us to maintain it, update it or just check-in.

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